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Red Handheld Flare
Red Handheld Flare
Part Number: PL301615

Designed to give a maximum output in a minimal casing, the Ikaros Red Handheld Flare is for short range distress signalling on ships, lifeboats, and life rafts.

Incredibly easy to use, the Ikaros Red Handheld Flare comes with full instructions for operating, but the simple mechanism only requires the user to pop off the safety cap, and pull on the plastic ring. This will activate the flare mechanism, propelling the Ikaros Red Handheld Flare into the sky to give more than 60 seconds of bright light at an intensity of 15,000 cd.

Held in a case of corrosion resistant steel, the Ikaros Red Handheld Flare can be counted on to work, even after long periods of storage, although checks should be done to inspect the integrity of the product on a regular basis.

The Ikaros Red Handheld Flare complies to all quality control checks and the latest SOLAS 74/96 regulations.


  • Light intensity 15,000 cd
  • Burning time >60 sec
  • Dimensions 243 x 30 mm
  • Weight 235 g
  • Order no. MCA FLR5005 and Leisure FLR5505

Price: 11.42 (Including VAT at 20%)