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EPropulsion Spirt Tiller
EPropulsion Spirt Tiller
Part Number: EPRS1-0000-L0



Maximum Input Power 1K W
Rated Current 24.6A
Comparable Petrol Outboard 3HP/4HP
Maximum Overall Efficiency 50%
Rated Rotation Speed 1200rpm
Steering Tiller control
Weight (without battery)

10.9Kg / 24lbs (S)

11.2Kg / 24.7lbs (L)

Dimension (L×W×H)

884mm×275mm×1042mm (S)

884mm×275mm×1167mm (L)

Shaft Length 650mm (S) 775mm (L)
Trim Angle 0°, 7°, 14°, 21°
Propeller Specification 280mm x 5.8inch
Battery 1017Wh Lithium Polymer
Rated Current 24.6A
Nominal Voltage 40.7V
Final Charging Voltage 46.2V
Cut-off Voltage 33V
Temperature Range Operation -10°C~40°C / +14°F – 104°F
Battery Charge Time (empty to full) Standard charger: 5.1hrsFast charger: 2.2hrs
Cycle Life (to 80% of rated capacity) > 500 cycles
Weight (including battery)

S: 18.6kg / 41lbs

L: 18.9kg / 41.6lbs

Weight (w/o battery)

S: 9.8kg / 21.5lbs

L: 10.0kg / 22.1lbs

Weight of Battery 8.8kg / 19.5lbs
Battery Size

416mm x 275mm x 202mm

16.37in x 10.82in x 7.95in

Shaft Length

XS: 530mm / 20.8in

S: 630mm / 24.8in

L: 754mm / 29.7in

Standard Propeller Diameter 280mm / 11.5in

Price: 630.00 (Including VAT at 20%)