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Jabsco Little Pal Hand Pump Kit
Jabsco Little Pal Hand Pump Kit
Part Number: CL34060-0010

The Jabsco "Little Pal" compact hand pump is made from a corrosion resistant brass body, long life brass cylinder and high quality oil-resistant rubber plunger. The Jabsco manual hand pump features connections for 13mm (1/2”) bore hose and has an output of up to 5 litres per minute (1 gallon per minute) and the pump requires 9 strokes to transfer 1 litre of liquid. The "Little Pal" pump kit contains: the brass bodied pump, 0.6 metres of 13mm hose, 1 metre of 6mm outside diameter tube, input & output caps. The pump measures 260mm long with a diameter of 30mm and has a 117mm stroke length. This hand pump is suitable for bilge pumping, oil draining, diesel fuel transfer and other liquid pumping applications. The pump is suitable for draining engine or gearbox oil via the dipstick hole (warm oil flows faster than cold oil).

Jabsco hand pumps transfer more liquid with less effort! These pumps never need priming and provide full suction from the first stroke. The pumps may be used in any position.


Please Note: Pumps used in diesel fuel applications must be flushed clean after use to prevent neoprene distortion. Oil temperature should not exceed 60°C.

Price: 44.40 (Including VAT at 20%)